Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nails ♥

I love shellac/gel nails as they last so long and look so nice and shiny. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to nails, so when I go to the nail salon I want them to be just right and if they chip quite soon after I get really annoyed! So shellac and gel were a magical discovery for me!

Shellac and gel manicures come with a hefty price tag, so you really do have to pay for perfection! But recently Barry M released a new range called Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint and the 'gelly' bit really intrigued me! I bought the Pomegranate one which is a lovely bright pinky red colour. The first time I applied this I didn't use a base coat (advised) or a top coat. The result was lovely juicy shiny nails, but they chipped straight away! I was a bit disappointed.

I've seen so many bloggers raving about the Gelly nail polish so I thought I should give it a second chance. This time I used a top coat, a Gelly coat (just the one) and a top coat. The results were much better as it applied more smoothly and looked gorgeous when done.

I only applied it a couple of days ago and it started to chip the next day! :-( I'm not sure if I just do a lot of washing up (!) or what but I was disappointed it chipped quite easily again. I think this nail polish is great for getting the lovely shiny shellac look but it's obviously not as hard wearing. I think I was getting over excited and had too high expectations!

I think I will buy more colours from the range as it does go on the nail really nicely, and I love the shininess! I think on my next go I'll do 2 coats of the Gelly to see if that makes it a bit more durable.

Have you ever tried Barry M Gelly nail polish? What did you think?

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  1. I kinda think the chipping depends on the colour. The Barry M Gelly Prickly Pair (lavender shade)lasts me over a week and is just a dream to apply. Whereas their nude gelly shade (can't remember the name!) chips after a day with me. In fact I'm wearing right now, and chips galore! x

    1. I'll def have to check out prickly pair! Think I need to give it a second chance! X

  2. Hi hun. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award . You can find out the rules here

  3. I have just bought this nail varnish lasts just a couple of days without chips for me but I hammer my nails working in a jewellery shop - always cleaning! The thing I loved the most about it was that it was so SHINY!
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't follow the instructions about topcoat and basecoat...oops!

    K x

  4. Ha I'm terrible for not putting a basecoat on! But I always regret it when it's chip central!

    Which colour did you buy? Would love to see a post and your review! Love ur blog btw, now following :-)


  5. At least the color is pretty! :)


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