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Charnos kindly offered me some of their 'Footsies' products to try out. I was very interested as someone who walks a lot, these are a god send in preventing smelly feet and keeping you comfortable! For anyone who is wondering what a 'footsie' is, it's a little sock liner that you wear with flats/ballerina pumps, and they're meant to be 'invisible' so it looks like you are not actually wearing any type of sock!

I've bought many brands of footsie socks over the years and I always found it annoying that they weren't actually invisible when my shoes were on. You'd get a huge band of flesh coloured fabric showing which kind of defeated the purpose of a footsie sock! Another bug bear was that they would ping off your heels when walking about and becoming a scrunched up ball at the end of your shoe!

Charnos footsies are probably the most secure, discreet and 'nearly invisble' socks I have tried! I received 5 different footsies from Charnos and was impressed with them all! They are all reasonably priced, at approx £3-£4 per pretty pastel coloured box. I have reviewed them all below, starting with my favourites first!

For Trainers - Full Foot Comfort - I didn't think these would turn out to be my favourites but I have worn them the most! Whenever I would wear trainer socks with my nikes or my 'vans-esque' plimsolls, I'd hate the big strip of white or black cotton that would show up around my ankle. These footsies sit just below the shoe, so it really looks like you're not wearing any! This is amazing as I'd never ever wear my trainers without socks as they'd rub and start to smell. They're super comfy too as made from 100% cotton and I'm definitely going to buy more!

For Ballerina Pumps - Low Cut with Heel Grip - These were my second favourites. The low-cut sock is perfectly invisble beneath your pumps, and there's a rubbery heel grip that grips on to your back heel to prevent them from pinging off! They also have an actifresh finish to keep your tootsies healthy!

For Court Shoes - Padded Ball Cushion - I don't regularly wear high heels but when I do I get horrible pain in the balls of my feet from the poor things trying to totter and balance all my weight on them. Especially at the end of the day or night, the balls of your feet can really ache and feel sore. When I received these I was a bit skeptical at first as the padded ball area looks quite large and like a mini cushion! I thought they'd be a bit cumbersome, but actually they are super comfortable! I even wore these with flat pumps one day as they can tend to not have much support and it was like walking around on little comfy cushions all day!

For Ballerina Pumps - Luxury Satin Design - These were very silky and felt lovely to wear! They also had a little heel grip, which was needed as the slippery material means they're more prone to ping off your feet! Because the material was silky I felt they were a bit less comfortable as the material was thinner and I did have a couple of instances where they fell off in my shoe! Maybe best for evening wear when you're not going to do lots of walking!

For Peep Toes - Cutaway Lace Detail -  These were my least favourite but I think this is down to personal preference when wearing peep toes. The socks are designed to be footsies but also show a hint of lace when wearing your shoes. All of my peep toes are either patterned/fussy already so I do not want to add more detail with lace, or plain and I felt they weren't benefiting from the lace which looked like an afterthought.  I couldn't wear these with my peep toes and have the sock not showing, as the bit that goes across the toe is quite wide and was always showing. I think if you like having little lacy details these would be great for you, however I like to keep my peep toes plain and simple!

I've tried many footsie socks and I feel Charnos do offer a higher quality, invisibility and staying power than other brands I have tried. I like how they offer a footsie solution for lots of different kinds of footwear. I'll definitely be going back for more trainer socks and low cut footsies!

Do you wear footsies/sock liners?



  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for these. I've tried the footies before, but I've never had a pair that actually stayed on properly. I've also never seen ones with heel grips like this, so it sounds like they're worth a go. Thanks for the review, very detailed and informative.

  2. Ooo these are such a good idea!

  3. Lovely post! :)

  4. Nice review, need those too! <3

    Following you now, hope you do the same!


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