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Before my wedding I went on a big health-kick to get fit and a bit slimmer so I'd look my best in my dress. This involved LOTS of gym-going and watching what I ate. I really enjoyed the gym aspect but I found it really difficult and sometimes boring to be careful with what food I ate as I just have such a sweet tooth and all those yummy things were out (since the wedding I have scoffed a little too many sweet things...)

I found out about a great recipe for a quick, tasty breakfast that is healthy and filling. It is called 'Overnight Oats' and it's so simple and tastes awesome so I thought I'd share it with you! I made this a lot as it was handy to eat before the gym in the morning. Overnight oats uses standard porridge oats that soften overnight in your milk of choice! Porridge is great in the morning but sometimes takes a little too long to make, so this version is much more convenient.


- Rolled oats
- Almond milk
- Greek, Yoghurt
- Frozen mixed berries (fresh also fine!)
- Goji berries
- Spoonful of peanut butter


1. Mix equal parts oats & liquid (1/3 of oats, milk and yoghurt in this case!) in a small container. You can use a little tupperware or if you want to be fancy pants overnight oats look great in a little glass kilner jar.

2. Stir in the fruit  + peanut butter

3. Place in fridge overnight!

4. In the morning, stir and eat cold, or if you want it to be warm quickly blast it in the microwave! The oats absorb all the liquid overnight and become soft, thick, fluffy and yummy!

This was my go-to breakfast in the run up to the wedding as it's a great energy booster to set you up for the day. It tastes great and was also my sweet treat for the day!

The possibilities are endless with this recipe, you can use any type of milk or yoghurt, and add or substitute whatever you want! Here's some other combinations:

  • Oats, almond milk, shredded apple, raisins, vanilla yoghurt, cinnamon (so good!)
  • Oats, cow's milk, strawberries, strawberry yoghurt, goji berries
  • Oats, soy milk, bananas, blueberries, greek yoghurt, honey
  • Oats, soy milk, greek yoghurt, coconut, cherries, chia seeds, cocoa powder

If you like a bit of texture you can also add crunchy toppings right before you eat your oats like your favourite cereal or granola, or even chopped nuts!

Have you ever tried Overnight Oats?



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