Sleek MakeUp Blush - Rose Gold ♥

Here's a review of the blush I bought with my competition giftcard mentioned in my last post. I've been looking for a blush to potentially use on my wedding day and I was drawn to this one by the colour 'Rose Gold'. My engagement ring and my wedding ring are rose gold, so I thought it may be a sign! I'm not a big blush fan so I'm not sure what really suits my skin tone best. The sleek website describes Rose Gold as 'a rosy pink with gold shimmer ideal for all skin tones, offering a golden pink highlight'.

I really liked the matt black packaging as it made the blusher feel a lot more expensive than the £4.49 it cost! 

The blusher itself is a a pretty pink with lots of shimmery gold. There's also quite a large mirror inside which is handy if applying on the go. 

I was a bit worried when I opened up the blush as it's quite a bright colour but when swatched on the hand it becomes a lovely iridescent gold and pink shimmer.

I tried to get a pic to show it on my skin but the lighting was really bad in my flat! It doesn't come across as shimmery as it does when swatched but I think I probably either haven't applied enough, or applied in the right places (any tips would be appreciated!) - I just applied to the apples of my cheeks. I also need a proper blush brush as I'm in awe of all this contouring business that can transform the face! But overall it didn't look really wrong on my pale skin, or overly glittery or pink. It may be a contender! 

I've read some reviews online and it's often compared to Nars Blush in 'Orgasm' (oo er!). The Nars blush is described as 'peachy pink with golden shimmer'. Without actually trying the Nars I'd say this was about right although the Sleek blush seems more rosy pink than peach.

Have you ever used this blush? What is your favourite blush product?


PS - also featured in this post are my rose gold stud earrings (seen in pic above!) - also bought with my competition win giftcard!

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  1. Ive always wanted to use Sleek Products but I dont think theyre available in my area! Only online but my favorite inexpensive blush has always been NYX! Its very pigmented! I love the shimmery gold on you!

    1. Thanks Dez! I'm liking this blush so far! I've only ever seen Sleek stuff online too. There's loads of products on amazon if that helps! Xx

  2. The color looks really great. Wonderful review, I will have to try this out! Xx


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