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I recently took part in Holiday Gem's blogger challenge to win an all paid for trip to Barcelona! You can see my entry here. Unfortunately I did not win, but they gave me and another blogger a runner's up prize of a £50 Amazon gift card which was very generous of them! It took me ages to decide what to get and in the end I got a big load of different bits and bobs - £50 goes very far on Amazon! Most are beauty products so I shall do an individual review of all those bits for you in the coming days.

Here is what I bought!

I managed to get quite a lot for my money! I hadn't realised how small the teNeues diary would be when I got it (it's tiny and pocket size) but apart from that I'm really happy with all my purchases! The drop earrings are so sparkly and really pretty, and I may wear them on my wedding day or in the evening for some sparkle. The stud earrings are also cute but more for day-to-day wear! The Blue Sky nail polish is for my shellac machine which I was given as a present for my birthday (in March!!) and I still haven't tried it out yet. But I definitely will soon as I want to shellac my nails for Christmas! I'm quite impressed with Amazon for beauty buys. I hadn't even realised they sold beauty products! 

What beauty products do you buy on Amazon?


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  1. Wow you got loads of great stuff! I haven't looked at Amazon for beauty stuff before, but I'll definitely be looking if I get vouchers for Christmas.

    1. Thanks! Yes do, there's so many bargains to be had! X

  2. I'm looking forward to your review of EOS :)

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

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