Longchamp Love

I looove Longchamp bags! I have been meaning to buy one for ages, and every time I am at an airport I am tempted but they only ever seem to sell the smaller sizes! I love how classic they are and how they make any outfit look stylish and chic, but are at the same time really practical and roomy. I'm terrible for lugging half my worldly possessions around with me so I always need a big Mary Poppins bag!

I was very excited to hear recently that you can 'design your own' Longchamp Le Pliage bag. I think this is such a fab idea, as most Le Pliages are one block colour with brown handles, whereas with design your own, you can customise all the elements of the bag and have 2 colours instead of 1, if you choose.

First up you decide on the size you want. You can choose the smallest size (a coin purse) all the way up to the largest size (a very big shopping bag size). You then pick what length handles you want, short or long, and then you get to the fun part - colours! You can pick a main colour and then a stripe colour. The colours to choose from are really lovely, there's duck blue, camel, fir - all sorts! It's also possible to pick the colour of the metallic elements (the longchamp zip pull and button) with gold, nickel and bronze as options. A nice optional extra they offer at the end is the opportunity to emboss or embroider initials on to the bag.

Here are a couple I 'designed'. The first one has graphite as main colour and a taupe stripe, with gold metallic elements.  The second one has an oxblood red main colour called grape, with a beige centre stripe and nickel metal. I love both and I tried several combinations but I think these are my favourite. It costs a bit more to customise but I think its worth it as you can choose exactly what you like. If you had the funds you could even design a whole matching set - coin purse, clutch and handbag!

The red one is slightly larger in size than the graphite one. I think I like the graphite one best, but can't decide! Which one do you prefer?

Am tempted to purchase when I get paid next week....I've already bought nearly all my Xmas presents, so it's only fair I buy myself a present, right????  :)

I hope everybody is having a nice Friday evening. I can't wait to have a lie in tomorrow!



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