DIY Lip Scrub

I am a huge fan of Lush's 'Sweet Lips' sugar lip scrub. I love to wear bright red lippy so am obsessed with keeping my lips free of dry skin and looking smooth! The little pots from Lush taste really sweet of vanilla and chocolate, and really help keep your lips in tip top shape. I get through them so quickly and at £5.25 per pot, it becomes a pricey habit!

I recently saw a post on Terri Lowe's blog about making your own lip scrub, and it inspired me to give it a go! I was just coming to the end of my Sweet Lips Lush scrub so I washed out the pot ready and went in search of some ingredients to use.

I recently won loads of bottles of different oils in a competition and one of these was hazelnut oil so I decided to use this as the moisturising base. I also added vanilla extract, and the main ingredient - sugar. I only had caster sugar which is fairly fine so if you want industrial strength exfoliation I'd go for granulated!

I felt rather like a mad scientist concocting this scrub as I didn't follow a 'recipe' and was testing the flavour and texture as I went, adding a bit more sugar here and there so it wasn't so liquid! Eventually I ended up with a combination I was happy with.

I've been using it for the past few days and I can honestly say it does the job just as well as the Lush scrub. The only thing I'll amend on the next batch is perhaps a little more vanilla extract, or a sweeter oil, as it isn't as yummy and lickable as the Lush one, but it does the job and saves me £5 a pot!

Other ingredients I'd like to try are almond oil, olive oil, honey, peppermint flavouring, lemon extract, orange flavouring - the possibilities are endless! This was a reeeally easy beauty diy, and I'd encourage you to give it a shot if you have the ingredients knocking about in your cupboards! Simple, effective and technically, free!



  1. nice DIY!
    i never thought there is an existing beauty ritual as a lip scrub.. :)
    thanks for sharing! new follower here. hope you follow me too!


    1. Thanks :) it is def part of my daily routine! x

  2. Great idea! I might just have to try this. x

    <3 Melissa


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