Sunny pineapple outfit - H&M wishlist

I've been searching high and low for a plain black maxi skirt to wear this summer. Harder task than it sounds! There are all sorts of varieties out at the moment- mini skirts with sheer maxi skirt on top, maxis that are shorter at the front, tight tubey ones!

I saw the perfect maxi skirt in H&M the other day on my lunch break. Alas, when I went back later in the week to buy it they had all sold out! Only grey and khaki left in store. Boo!

I went online tonight to hunt down my perfect maxi skirt, and found several other things I want to get! Sadly its the wrong side of payday, so these have gone on my wishlist!

I actually hate pineapple to eat. It makes me feel really ill! But I really love this t-shirt. It's silly and fun and summery, and would look great with the skirt! I love love the suede bag, perfect for laid back summer days and nights! The cardigan is really unusual and has a fine glittery thread through it. I really like cardigans with no buttons as I never do them up anyway! The shoes are silver and beige and would go nicely with the metallics in the cardigan. And finally - the sunglasses! I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear these in public, but they made me smile!

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  1. This is such a nicely put together outfit! I love the colour combo you've come up with, and those glasses! Wow!! X

  2. Thanks imogen! I know, the glasses are pretty out there! Hahaha :-) xxx


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