She Wore Blue Velvet ♥

Here are one of my latest purchases - midnight blue velvet heels! I love them so much. I got these from M&S for £25, and they are my Xmas party shoes. They're really comfy and really good quality as they're M&S. I saw some in black which were really nice too and would probably have gone with more outfits but I fell in love with the dark blue!

They are blue velvet all over with a dark blue patent heel and a geometric metallic buckle on the toe. I don't yet have a dress to go with these, but I have some hematite-esque onyx black shiny jewellery to match the buckles! I was thinking a plain little black dress would look nice with these, and a statement necklace. Or a velvet dress. Or perhaps that's too much velvet! What do you think?



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